Lyme Disease in Australia with Peter Dobie

Since getting bitten by a Lyme infected tick last year I’ve been very interested in helping inform people about what exactly this infection is, the controversy surrounding it and how to treat it (big discussion). Dr Peter Dobie has been doing all these things for many years in Australia, in fact he’s one of the longest serving integrative doctors in Oz and he a lot of insights and practical information to share in regards to the research behind Lyme, getting it acknowledged by the modern medical system (because it IS here), treatment options and heaps more. If you’re in an area where Lyme is prevalent, or plan to travel to any such places, it is important to be aware of what to do in the instance of infection, this podcast lays it out.  

In this podcast we dive straight into:

  • Lyme controversy in Australia and abroad
  • methods of Lyme transmission
  • Prevelance on the east coast of Australia
  • Borreliosis vs lyme-like illness
  • Antibiotics in acute and chronic lyme disease
  • Herbal medicine protocols
  • Mason’s account of his journey back to health post tick bite
  • Lyme testing in Australia
  • Neurological manifestations of lyme
  • The stealth nature of these infections and ability to evade our immune system
  • Biofilm eradication
  • Herxheimer reactions
  • DIY “Tick Kits”
  • What to do if you become ill after being tick bitten

Dr Peter Dobie studied medicine at the University of Tasmania. He is one of the most experienced doctors in Australia in the field of integrative medicine. He specialises in nutritional medicine, anti-ageing medicine, the treatment of chronic fatigue, the treatment of adrenal fatigue, thyroid disorders, bio-identical hormone therapy, intravenous vitamin therapy, allergy testing and treatment, chelation therapy, and the treatment of Lyme disease. Dr Dobie’s emphasis is very much on the promotion of wellness. He takes a thorough and holistic approach to treating chronic health problems, as well as providing preventive medical care. He incorporates into his practice the latest advances in biochemistry, endocrinology and clinical nutrition, and prefers to prescribe non-drug treatments wherever possible. 

Dr Peter Dobie


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