The Sauna Life with Sebastian Mierau

Staying healthy in a toxic world can be one of the most difficult aspects of this health journey, and that’s why we need some heavy hitting practices on our side to get in deep and keep our organs and tissue healthy. I’ve been doing infrared saunas since I was 16 years old, not knowing at that point just how fortunate I was to have integrated into my life one of the most ancient, time-tested and effective methods of detoxification and rejuvenation into my life. 

But this isn’t your every day chat about saunas… Sebastian Mierau is one of my best mates. We met in 2011 at David Wolfe talk when we were both a couple of health nerds diving deep into the lifestyle and researching deeply. Since then, after many adventures around the world, Sebastian has become the distributor of (what we knew all along to be the best saunas in the world) Clearlight Saunas in Australia and Europe. He took this on so that all us multidimensional health freaks could get easy access to this incredibly healing tool. 

As a leader and innovator in the infrared sauna industry for the last 18 years, Clearlight Infrared by Sauna Works has been manufacturing infrared saunas that are both luxurious and effective. While their cabins are exceptional quality, they have spent the last 18 years researching and studying infrared therapy to bring you the most effective infrared sauna available; and they’re doing saunas like nobody else, including (much to my cell’s pleasure) being the leader in offering EMF and ELF free saunas.

Sebastian has become extremely well versed in the benefits and dynamics of infrared saunas benefits and therapy and this interview we dive into:

  • The history of saunas and their evolution
  • The difference between traditional and infrared saunas
  • How the infrared sauna wavelengths help eliminate stress and deeply relax the tissue
  • The mind blowing ability this technology has to detox the body of insidious, disease-causing toxicity
  • Surprising ways sauna restores your body’s ability to lose weight
  • Why saunas give you the best skin ever
  • The research behind sauna increasing life-span, toning the heart and thwarting morbidity 
  • Ways to say goodbye to chronic pain
  • How you can restore and boost metabolism and overall immunity by getting your sweat on
  • Ceramic v carbon heaters and why you must consider which your sauna uses
  • The specific healing wavelengths utilised in these epic saunas
  • The resonance frequency of infrared and how it interacts with the water in your calls
  • How low EMG (mG) and ELF (Vm) saunas are now possible and how saunas that don’t can damage you
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