Part 2 Pregnancy Prep and Our Childbearing Year with Tahnee McCrossin

The mammoth episode many of you have been waiting for. This is part 2 of our childbearing series, and the one where Tahnee and myself dive deep into the practices, philosophy, diet, herbalism and more that went in to creating the year in which Tahnee was childbearing little Aiya. This podcast was recorded during the first week of the bubba's life, so the sharing experience of the birth is fresh; something Tahnee was wishing to be able to infuse into this intimate sharing of how she chose to approach nourishing her body during pregnancy.

Here’s briefly what we cover in the episode plus some more extensive notes than usual from Tahnee for those who are on their own pregnancy journey:

  • Pregnancy + Home Birth Plans
  • Our Pregnancy diet
  • Best supplements during pregnancy 
  • The best tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms during pregnancy
  • Best herbs during pregnancy
  • Symptoms of pregnancy
  • Pregnancy cravings / changes
  • Exercise during pregnancy
  • Lots of additional pregnancy tips
  • Home birth prep and planning
  • Pregnancy book resources
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