Pregnancy Prep and Our Childbearing Year with Tahnee McCrossin

This is a special episode, part 1 of our Pregnancy Prep and our Childbearing Year. For months my beautiful partner Tahnee and I (especially her though) have been asked about our approach to pregnancy thus far. So on the 39 week mark of growing our baby we sat down together to share with you all the ins and outs of how we have prepared in this 2 part podcast. Tahnee especially dives deep in this episode into how she has cleansed her body over the years leading up to conception via deep organ detoxification.

What you’ll learn:

  • The role the liver plays in pregnancy and why cleansing it is critical
  • How to embody detox and nourishing practices into your lifestyle so your body is always prepared for pregnancy (or just to have a rocking hormonal system)
  • Simple techniques for removing heavy metals from your system so your baby doesn’t get overloaded
  • Why men must prepare for pregnancy just as much as the woman for the sake of the child
  • Simple yet powerful techniques for cleansing and healing the gut so you can bring your micro biome back into balance
  • How the gut bacteria a woman has passes over to be her child’s immune system
  • Why you must look back into your past for clues into what you need to cleanse and nourish in your body
  • Our top herbs for cleansing the parasites out of your system
  • The best and most effective order for deep organ cleansing
  • A breakdown on the best tonic herbs to restore strength to your system so it is ready for the child bearing year
  • How learning to release tension assists conception and creates ease in pregnancy


Tahnee’s website

Brighton Baby by Roy Dittman

The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush by Andreas Moritz

Triple Treasure Parasite Cleanse

Tonic herbs – he shou wu and eucommia

Kidney Cleansing Tea

Tahnee’s yin yoga tension release series (numerous blogs)

Tension Release Program

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