Curing Carrot-In-The-Ass Dis-ease with Tyler Tolman

A funny, thought provoking and real conversation about health, not just coming from a philosophical standpoint, but an honest sharing of Tyler's personal and ongoing relationship with health, including what occurred in his body when he finally found his home. We go quite quickly into the 7 basic elements of health to bring about a simple guide for laying the foundations that allows us to simply enjoy life. Meanwhile, we discuss and laugh about the seriousness of the health scene and how to navigate it.

Tyler's Gnosis-Praxis distinctions for integrating health principles is brilliant and applicable for everyone to ensure a fluid inclusion of the those habits that will generate the greatest health possible. The discussion flows into an exploration of how to go beyond the marketing of health and seek out those nuggets of wisdom and truth that in fact are relevant to your personal health journey; this has particular implications for those looking to deal with degenerative diseases such as cancer who should be armed to move beyond the hyping of "curing" on the internet and distinguish the elements that foster healing in the long term, including the emotional origins of disease.

How to notice the confines of a “healthy lifestyle” and break them is talked about with many a belly laugh, bringing on conversation and jokes about beers, burgers, tobacco and a good ol' Facebook post.  

You will thoroughly enjoy this one, I especially recommend taking on Tyler's insights into the essence of water! 

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