The Longevity Lifestyle With David Avocado Wolfe

Bringing the latest from his adventures of discovering and exploring the many facets of health, David shares the latest happenings in the health and longevity. Bringing it home to the healing properties of simply embracing connection and community are explored early along with how to create the most incredible health and healing centres, which David is currently doing in Iceland. 

We explore the greatest way of bringing about that daily detox and his favourite tool for doing that. Of course medicinal mushrooms are on the menu, especially chaga and reishi, where Dave gets deep into why and how these are symbiotic to our immunity and capacity to live a long and healthy life. 

This is also the first time Dave announces his next Australian tour, set to begin in March 2017. This interview is a little snapshot of the content that he'll be dishing out to us then and will get you excited to delve more into the magic of this longevity lifestyle. 


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