Immunological Momentum with Ronnie Landis


An inspiring and extremely educational interview with health educator Ronnie Landis as we look into the worlds and lives of the viruses, fungus and nanobacteria that enter our bodies opportunistically and set up shop, make it their homes and lead to many degenerative diseases. We delve into how to effectively build you immunological momentum to ensure you stay fortified and empowered within your body, enabling you to ensure a future of health, vitality and happiness along your journey. 

Ronnie draws on years of experience on the speaker circuit and as a brilliant author of several books to bring you some very insightful ways of approaching your health strategy and taking out the guess work when it comes to health. His ability to bridge topics and wisdom together in the health realm opens up an opportunity for us to stay completely on top of the current state of toxicity on our planet and breath the life and joy back into how we approach developing and keeping our embodied sovereignty.


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