Deep Body Perception and Movement with Benny Ferguson

To kick of The Mason Taylor Show I interview Benny Ferguson, a movement coach and evolutionary who for 11 years has delved DEEP into the realms of movement, mind-body unity and true physical potential. It is an absolutely fascinating and clarifying look at what the true essence of our movement practice is and how it can be embodied to build greater freedom, happiness, strength and unity within our physical (and beyond) body. 

We end up coming back to the conversation of how we can bypass the noise and stress of the exercise and fitness industry and return to simply being in direct perception of our body, and how to move from that space. Lots of tips and insights are shared that you can take right away to embody what Benny is sharing and begin to truly release the tension that causes so much pain and stagnation in the body. 

Pay spacial attention to the distinctions on how true relaxation and softness allow you to integrate the mind and FEEL yourself deeply within your connective tissue; the fascia. We especially nerd out about this topic and I feel it is a game-changing and beautiful emerging approach to moving our bodies that will see you kick-started into discovering that freedom and potential that has been within your body ALL along. 


Movement Monk Website

Free Flexibility Course by Benny

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