Riding The Waves Of Flow States with Jiro Taylor

In this episode, I interview an incredible adventurer, founder of Flowstate Collective and flow coach Jiro Taylor. He's neck deep into the research and application of the flow state phenomena. We delve into what this phycological state of mind and being is and how to access it to bring a state of high performance to your life. We of course delve into the side of looking at what these flow states do for our physical health and their implications on the brain waves that ripple out to all areas of life to bring more flow and grace to our personal world. 

The interview takes a beautiful balancing act approach to flow states in dancing between the modern neurological research and ancient Eastern philosophy and practices that were ensconced in accessing these states of flow to ensure that we are gaining the greatest levels of joy, adventure and experience from this lifetime. Jiro is an epic surfer, snowboarder and entrepreneur also and he discusses how these things have given him a vessel to explore his own potential and how you can follow the clues from your passions, things you are interested in doing already, to bring some beautiful flow states into your world. 



Jiro's site


The Flowstate Collective


Jiro's epic podcast The Flowstate Performance Podcast


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