Play Your Way To Extreme Longevity with Peter Ragnar

Today’s enchanted health guest on the show is Peter Ragnar. He’s an internationally recognised author of twenty-nine books, as well as a speaker, qi gong master, and spiritual mentor. He has close to sixty years of heart-based experience as a martial artist and an expert in health, fitness, and organic living, and is absolutely rocking the longevity lifestyle. In his 70s now, Peter still trains world-champion kick boxers and Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductees, while continuing to peel years off his life through embodying longevity and anti aging ways of being, philosophies, techniques and practices. We discuss these at length. 

The conversation is heavily grounded in key distinctions and teachings of how to break free of the mental lethargy that drags most into a life destined to end in degeneration, and step onto a path that is fun, exciting, engaged in life and, of course, adding years and years to your life, cultivating true vitality. We touch on breath work, herbalism and martial arts training, so you’ll have some key take aways to ground into your days and begin embodying the path of longevity. 


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