Awesome Levels Of Health in 2016 with Mason

Get primed to make this the best year yet for your health and your life with this one. 

In this one I ride solo jamming about my favourite things that I've learn from the guests so far on the podcast in 2015 and how to deepen these distinctions to make 2016 the healthiest and best year possible. I also share (for a but longer than I originally intended) how I use an Awesome List (kind of an upgraded bucket list) to ensure the momentum of my life stays focused on taking me in the direction that will be the greatest for my body, mind and spirit. It's seriously a profound tool that will enrich your life.

Some of the topics I go into are spring water, beer, being infinite and the beautiful longevity frame of mind that the Taoists embodied and can now teach us. It's a fun and cheeky show that I know you'll love. As will be reiterated in the episode, ensuring that you do not ignore or negate your passions and desires when crafting your life is important, and I share with you what I'm doing to ensure that no part of me remains ignored this year. I intend to bring more adventure to my life and my health this year, and I can't wait to experience what new aspects of health this will open up for me. I invite you to embark on the adventure also and get curious about just how good your health can get!

Stay Enchanted!

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