Dream Wild, Yogic Style with Mark Breadner

Mark Breadner is the longest serving teacher and yoga educator in Australia, having trained over 1000 Yoga teachers globally. He has a distinct capacity to facilitate rapid growth, developed over 45 years of Yoga practise, teaching and training. This interview delves into his discoveries about what the true essence of yoga is and how this applies to the modern world beyond the current state of modern yoga. 

His message of connecting to the heart through yoga is profound and practical. Dreaming wild is one of the core aspects of Mark's practice and his take on our dreams being trapped inside of us being a source of dis-ease is inspiring and transformational. Mark draws upon the essence of Yoga, and contemporises its teachings so the everyday person can re-birth the dreams they have always had, but may have forgotten. 

The deep poverty consciousness surrounding the yogic community is discussed, as well as the projects he's got going right now that aid as an example of how to balance creating a sustainable income doing what you love and ensuring that you are contributing back to the global and local community through dreaming wild. 



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