Biologically Beyond The Diet Fads with Graham Jevon

The wild ride through the turbulent world of nutrition, dietary paradigms, rules, rigidity and dogma can often because more taxing on the system than the symptoms that lead us to the healthy lifestyle in the first place. In this interview Graham Jevon, a naturopathic practitioner and leading nutrition, physiological and biological expert, shares intimately about his journey and insights along the path of healing the body and aligning his lifestyle and diet with the forces of organically emerging "Biological Nutrition." We challenge the rules of the game to bring some inspiring and practical pieces of information and wisdom to you that will empower you to align closer with the diet that your body is specifically looking to engage with. 

Raw and real, get ready to take a journey through the land of your cells and systems to get an inside view of what is happening inside your body and how to work with its living systems. Graham also works with blood analysis and shares some brilliant insights about what this form of testing shares with him. Some other stories from his practice are given which are just gold in helping us to tune into why one approach may be not quite cutting it with your health and how you can open up to allowing some other distinctions to be included that will allow the energy and biological harmony to be restores. 



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