Cross-Pollinating Medicine with Jimi Wollumbin

Set in the shadow of Mt Wollumbin (Mt Warning) in the Northern Rivers of NSW at Jimi’s healing sanctuary, this interview was a lot of fun and went deep into the philosophy of healing. Jimi loves the healing path, and after years of studying and walking various ancient lineages (spliced with modern insights) has maintained what I can only describe as an impressive professional sovereignty that sees him going deep into the paths of learning the art of healing while not losing his identity within them (something that is rampant in the healing world), giving him the ability to stay malleable, insightful and cross-pollinating that many traditions as he continues to ask the deep questions that revolve around the mystery of healing. 

Very quickly we’re talking about the relevance of “old world” healing techniques such as leeching, which opens us up to the conversation around medicine without boundaries; the different schools and transitions have a piece of the medicinal puzzle, but not all of it, and we must look beyond their individual boundaries. This approach requires moving around, looking at how health and healing look from the many perspectives that exist in the world so we can expand the approach on healing the human body, and we go RIGHT into the philosophy of this approach. The biggest insight we dive into though is how curiosity and love of learning, like a child, allows for this broader approach to healing to be possible. 

Beyond all the above, in this interview you will learn:

  • How to develop an ongoing capacity to come back into balance again and again
  • How to overcome the minds desire to “arrive” at a destination in your health.
  • These essence of Taoism, including the art of action less action
  • The concept of age-ency, and how to not identify with age through your actions
  • Jing, qi and shen philosophy
  • How to take the “fascination” away from healing philosophy to make it accessible to the western mind 
  • The best qi tonics for cultivating qi
  • The magic of royal jelly and what it can do for your body and jing 
  • Jimi’s relationship with the modern medical model
  • Why we sometimes feel any and hurt by modern medicine
  • The religion of science
  • What it means to be a medical minority
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