The Communication Of Unification with Jon Low

Ooooooo it's a good one today, once more diving deep into the more multidimensional realms of health, this one being a conversations about the multidimensional aspects of ourselves and how to communicate with ourselves in a way that makes this whole journey of life a beautiful, insightful experience. Jon Low is traditionally a writer and brand strategist, but shows his true colours in this ep. as he shares deeply about the ways to bypass waging inner war with yourself, shedding the need and/or want for attachment to the labels that are used to describe us (in the health realm this looks like vegan, macro, paleo, crossfitter blah blah blah), and how to tap into and begin to delve into the underlying and evolving aspect of yourself that is giving rise to your outer experience. These can be seen as core values, and they'll get your cells singing when you hear us jam about them. 

Enjoy everyone, go deep when listening to this one, allow it to be slippery for the mind and start that beautiful communication with yourself that leads to the best health ever!

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