What Do You Breath For? with Col Clayton

Col Clayton is the inspiring fellow I’ve got for you today on the show to delve deep into the beauty of our breath, it’s physiological effects and, perhaps most importantly, it’s capacity for opening the doors for us as humans to innately live via our passions (and not settle for anything less) when learnt to do correctly as a child (and yes, for you big kids it can be relearnt).

Col is a graduating with a degree in Fine Arts and went on to study Health Promotion at Newcastle University Centre for Epidemiology and has a Masters in Clinical Rehabilitation. He became interested in breathing and breathing patterns after coming across it’s use in cranio-facial development, it was like finding a light at the end of a tunnel and sparked a 4 year (continuing) journey into the apparently simple but incredibly complex study of breathing and it’s implications for the body and mind. Col continues to work with his own breathing, paint, draw and teach kids and their parents about the fundamentals of breathing and it’s ability to help young and growing kids and adults wanting to move towards their own realisation of the fullness and practice of listening to the wisdom within, the breath and that which allows us to live. He does this through his business Happy Kids Klinic. 

Diving into the essence of the breath and how it effects all aspects of our life, you will learn in the interview:

  • Why facial and jaw degeneration is directly linked with the breath
  • Why Weston Price was only half right in his observations of twins
  • The truth about sleep apnea. 
  • Why breathing, not alkaline water, is the best way to bring your blood pH into balance
  • How to personally regulate your breath and blood pH with 2 powerful techniques
  • A simple practice to begin resetting your breath to one that will bring more energy and vitality
  • Why some sleep doesn’t regulate many people and the breath connection
  • The effects of mouth breathing on kids and adults and how to begin fixing this
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