Meet Mason

Discover super human health – through reconnection to nature, tonic herbalism, designer nutrition and specific detoxification. Reclaim the health that inspires and delights you

Assist you to unify with yourself completely – for changemakers, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and the inspired: break free from stress, self-conflict and cultural programming and reunite with your true essence.

Design the life you see in your dreams – if you realise that you are worthy to experience joy in your life, let’s get your life working for you, not you for it.

People come to Mason when they are tired of being told how to live healthy and happy lives by external forces and are ready to become enchanted with the journey of allowing and discovering the energy, vitality and joy that is innate and waiting to be discovered within.

Who is Mason Taylor?

Mason is a thought leader, professional speaker, tonic herbalist and writer who inspires and teaches people to once again become enchanted with their body, life and health. He shows by way of example how they can take responsibility for dramatically increasing their state of health for the long-term.

Mason provides some of the world’s most multidimensional talks, trainings, coaching programs and health products (via to support people on their journey of embodying self and living an enchanted life.

Having spent over 15,000 hours studying the field of health and transformation, he employs education, vulnerable conversation and deep connection to help people discover who they really are and what they are here to do in the world. His clients stop living in an illusion about the environment and the world they live in. They discover not only how to resolve health problems, but they get the clarity and confidence to explore their aspirations.

Mason embodies the turning of the tide for health. It is primarily a shift from the external pursuit for health towards the realisation of the individual journey to unlock what is already within.